Current Offers

2019 (August, September & October) 

One lucky winner will get two FREE cinema tickets, to the cinema of their choice (anywhere in the London boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley or in Medway, Kent) when they refer a friend to Pitstop PLUS during August, September & October 2019. All you have to do, to refer a friend to Pitstop PLUS, is get them to register and order from our service and send us, by email, just their date of birth ( to ); once we get that, if accurate, we’ll automatically enrol you into our free prize draw.

You and your friend must have a different address in the London Boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley or in Medway, Kent and you must already be an existing user of our service. Your friend must have registered within the preceding 4-weeks of your email and chosen “Friend” when asked the question “Where did you hear about Pitstop” at registration. We'll be announcing the winner on our social media pages and on this website on Thursday 14th November 2019. 



Historic Offers

2019 (July, August & September) 

Winner announced, 10th October 2019 (Rai from Woolwich) 


2019 (March, April & May)

Winner announced, 13th June 2019 (Steve from Medway)   


2018 (November & December) and 2019 (January)

Winner announced, 14th February 2019 (Matt from Eltham)  


(July, August & September)

Winner announced, 10th October 2018 (Tom from Greenwich)